Magnum Octopus #211 Motor Oil Red


Please Note: All products are hand-poured. Colors may vary.


Magnum Pus

The Ultimate Octopus hand poured bait! There's no matching the Magnum Pus' hand sculpted, highly realistic features. From its life-like tentacles to its bulky ridged body, the Magnum Pus is the best soft bodied mollusk imitator on the market. Whether fished slowly along the bottom or bounced through rocks and wrecks, the Magnum Pus' elicits strikes from the largest bottom dwellers looking for a large meal. It's no surprise that the Magnum Pus has become a go to bait for many charter captains chasing giant halibut and lingcod along the West Coast and Alaska.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: BULK order is available for this item, please allow up to 3 full weeks for processing ALL BULK orders.

Available is 4 hand-poured sizes (5", 6.5", 7" and 9") and 5 colors.

Item Qty per bag Suggested Rigs & Head Sizes

Suggested Line Rating -

For Mono, Braid will vary

5" Magnum Octopus 3 1/2oz to 2oz round or football jighead 14 - 30lb, 65lb Braid for bottomfishing
6.5" Magnum Octopus 2 1oz to 3oz round or football jighead 17 - 30lb, 65lb Braid for bottomfishing
7" Magnum Octopus 2 1.5 oz to 6 oz round or football jighead 65lb Braid for bottomfishing
9" Magnum Octopus 1 2oz to 16oz round or football jighead 65lb Braid for bottomfishing