[ONE-OFFS] 5” Super Shad – Pearl White Red Tail 25 ct - Bulk


Please Note: All products are hand-poured. Colors may vary.


AA Shad Tails

The AA Shad Tail is the bait that put AA on the map. After 38 years, the hand poured shad tail still remains a West Coast favorite in both fresh and saltwater. Coveted for its realistic profile, 3d scales, and fluid swimming motion, the AA Shad Tail generates an irresistible side to side body roll that perfectly complements its hard thumping tail kick, while staying true to its action at any speed. The perfect blend of flash, water displacement, colorways, and vibration triggers bites year round.

Originally created to be rigged on a traditional swimbait leadhead, the Shad Tail has been adapted to be fished perfectly with underspins, weedless heads, A-Rigs, or as a trailer on jigs. So whether you are chasing largemouth bass at your favorite lake, rainbow trout in your local urban pond, stripers in the surf, or giant halibut off the coast of Alaska, there's a AA Shad Tail that fits every situation.

5" Super Shad – Pearl White Red Tail

Suggested Rigs & Head Sizes : 1/2 oz to 1 oz triangle jighead

Suggested Line Rating - For Mono, Braid will vary : 10 - 20lb