Monarch Grub #263 Brown Back Sardine


Please Note: All products are hand-poured. Colors may vary.


AA Shrimp Series - Monarch Grub

The AA Monarch Grub is much more than simply an oversized version of the popular Single Tail. The larger profile and bulkier tail provide the perfect mix of durability and action, key to its fish attracting ability. Able to accommodate the largest of leadheads, the Monarch Grub can be fished at all depths. Hop it through structure, yo-yo it off the hardbottom, or drag it through the sand and kelp, the Monarch grub excels in all conditions.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: BULK order is available for this item, please allow up to 3 full weeks for processing ALL BULK orders.

Available in 3 hand-poured sizes (4", 5", and 7") and 12 colors.


Item Qty per bag Suggested Rigs & Head Sizes Suggested Line Rating - For Mono, Braid will vary
4" Monarch Grubs 4 3/8oz to 3/4oz round or football jighead 6 - 15lb
5" Monarch Grubs 3 1/2oz to 2oz round or football jighead 8 - 20lb
 7" Monarch Grubs 2 1oz to 4oz round or football jighead 14 - 30lb, 65lb Braid for bottomfishing