Dancing Shad Water Melon Seed #214


Please Note: All products are hand-poured. Colors may vary.


Dancing Shad

When finicky fish are keyed in on small bait, it’s hard to beat the Dancing Shad. It's slim bait fish profile, realistic eyes, and natural baitfish colorways, make it a perfect drop shot worm and shad imitation when rigged on a jighead or A-Rig. Its wounded baitfish action elicits bites from the most lock-jawed fish. The Dancing Shad's versatility allows anglers to take their creativity to another level. Fish it weightless, wacky, drop-shotted, on a jig, or any way you want, the Dancing Shad is a true live-well filler. 

Available in 3 hand poured sizes (3", 4", and 5") and 11 colors.