Rockfish Inside Tail #T51 Pelagic Red Crab


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Rockfish Inside Tail

With twice the action, and a bulked-up body profile the AA Rockfish Inside Tail excels when a bottom bouncing presentation is desired. A pre-molded starter hole in the head allows for easier rigging with jig heads that have thick shanks. At 8ā€ in length, this is a perfect plastic when you are targeting larger bottom dwellers and are looking for hard strikes.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: BULK order is available for this item, please allow up to 3 full weeks for processing ALL BULK orders.

Available in an 8ā€ version and 8 colors.

Item Qty per bag Suggested Rigs & Head Sizes

Suggested Line Rating -

For Mono, Braid will vary

Ā 8" Rockfish Inside Tail 2 1.5 oz to 6 oz round or football jighead 65lb Braid for bottomfishing