Water Dogs #209 White


Please Note: All products are hand-poured. Colors may vary.


Waterdogs produce lunker-size bass year round. The AA “dogs” have been a staple for trophy hunters since the mid 1980s. Patience is key when fishing these baits. Staying in tuned with what your “dog” is doing is also very important. When fishing them on a texas-rig or as a jig trailer, the soft buoyant plastic dog will stand tail up producing a natural like slithering action. Do not over work the bait and be patient. Let your imagination lead you and you will be amazed with what these baits can do for you.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: BULK order is available for this item, please allow up to 3 full weeks for processing ALL BULK orders.

Available in 2 sizes and 6 color patterns. The 10 inch (Big Dog)comes 2 per bag and the 6” (Little Dog) comes 4 per bag.