Q: I like going out on 3/4 day trips for Calicos. I get bit a lot on the fall but I am missing a lot of those fish. Any advice? — Tom C  Long Beach, CA A: There are a few small adjustments you can make that will help you increase your hookup ratio. 1) […]

Q: I’ve noticed that AA’s has a wide selection to choose from. What are your favorites?  —  Ryan M    Oceanside, CA A: AA makes tons of color/style combinations that are fantastic. However, there are a few baits that I call “confidence baits.” These are lures that I generally start out each trip with. CALICO […]

Q: I like fishing plastics, but sometimes I get tired of throwing the standard shad tail. When is it best to branch out and try a different bait? A: It’s never a bad time to try new baits. Fishing is all about experimentation with lures in different conditions. Each angler has specific baits he likes […]