About Us

Established in San Diego by tournament fishermen looking to gain an edge on their competitors, AA Worms has been making hand-poured baits one at a time since 1981. As their success grew on the water, the popularity of our baits spread locally and globally, landing lunkers as far afield as Europe and Japan. Over the years we’ve added new sizes and colors to our lineup, but have never wavered from our original goal of producing the best hand-poured plastics at a competitive price.

Being fisherman ourselves, we know that getting bit is always better than not getting bit. Our soft plastic generates the best action with the lightest possible weight, so you’ll get bit more often without overworking your bait. And after all, getting bit is the name of the game.

We’re also concerned about the sustainability of our fisheries and our fishermen. Phthalates are a common ingredient in plastics, but they’re also carcinogens. So we teamed up with our plastisol chemists to create a non-phthalate plastic that’s soft yet firm, allowing us to offer a green-friendly product that’s safe for everyone.