AA Worms – We got ya covered!


8" Rockfish Inside & Outside Tail (RIT & ROT)
A SUPER Twin Tail with tougher plastic in the head for strength and softer plastic in the tail for action. Made only as it could be… Hand Poured. Inside Tails for turbo action and Outside tails for flutter type action.

8" Outside tail 8" Inside Tail


Chartreuse Silver Tomato Pepper


Black and White Glow


7" & 12" Eels (EEL)

Available in: 209, 212, 123,132,201,T51,555, Glow, Chartreuse silver

7" Shad Series (7S)

Available in 39 Colors

7" Double Diamond (7DD)

Available in 45 Colors

7" Giant Sea Reaper (7GSR)

Available in: 209,210,211,212,213,T51

10" Slug (10SLG)

Available in: 209,124,132,201,251,258,261,263,T55,T57,T63,T65,T70,T71,T73,555, glow

7" Monarch Grubs (7MG)

Available in 42 Colors


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