4″ Straight Tail & 6″ Straight Tail & 8″ Straight Tail

These are by far the ALL time favorite for western bass anglers. A staple no matter what lake you go to out west. These are found in everyone’s tackle box. The AA straight tails have a fatter head and slim down to the tail. The best ways to fish these are on a drop shot, split shot, or shakey head. The flotation of these worms is incredible and they stand right up off the bottom when thrown with a jig head of any sort. This is a very effective way to fish these worms. With the 8” a relatively new method is to fish them on the ZAPPU inchi wacky jighead and fish them Wacky style.

You won’t be disappointed with the colors, the feel or fish catching ability of these worms. Pick up a bag or two for your next time on the water.

Available in 9 colors:

Size comparison


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