For Best Results use a Football or Round Shaped Jig Head.

2STS – 2″ Single Tail Shrimp — 1/8 oz to 3/8 oz

3STS – 3″ Single Tail Shrimp —- 3/16 oz to 1/2 oz

If your next trip is to an estuary, bay or harbor, tie on a AA’s Single Tail Shrimp with a football or round-shaped jig head. The Single Tail Shrimp is designed to flutter at all times, so on the fall or the retrieve, the tail is constantly twirling and displacing water.

All of our baits are hand-poured with a softer plastic because soft plastic produces more action and vibration. Fish feel vibration through their lateral lines, which run the length of their bodies and allow them to sense prey. Our softer plastic produces a vibration that attracts more fish to your lure. The softness also feels more natural to a fish when it sucks in your bait, meaning it’ll hold onto your lure longer, giving you more time to wind down and swing.

Here are three ways to improve your experience on the water:

1.Make sure your plastic is rigged straight. Crooked baits won’t produce the proper vibration and you won’t get bit.

2.When choosing a color, read the conditions. Use darker colors in low light conditions or murkier water. Natural or transparent colors work best in sunlight or clearer water.

3.Remember to check your line often. Run the line through your fingers to check for nicks. It’s better to retie than to lose a fish.

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