For Best Results use a Football or Round Shaped Jig Head.

4MG – 4″ Monarch Grub —- 3/8 oz to 1.5 oz

5MG – 5″ Monarch Grub —- 1/2 oz to 3 oz

7MG – 7″ Monarch Grub —- 3/4 oz to 4 oz

The Monarch Grub Series is the big brother of the Single Tail Shrimp. Besides the length differences, the body of these baits are bulked up and displace more water. The head has a wider circumference allowing for larger jig heads, and the tails flutter or rotate in a circle, producing a ripple or current enticing the fish to strike.

These grubs are ideal for fishing sandy bottoms or along ledges and drop-offs, using the lift and fall or yo-yo approach. The fish will almost always hit the lure on the fall, so be prepared and stay in tune with your bait. Simply cast the bait out and let it fall to the bottom. You can hop it along the bottom with small lifts or you can wind it in 3-5 feet and let it fall back down, repeating this process until you get bit.

Offered in 42 colors and 3 sizes.

Tips for the Monarch Grub:

1.Most of the time you should rig the grub with the hook coming out the flat side, but occasionally you can change it up and rig it to come out the round side. This causes the bait to fall differently and produces different vibrations.
2.When saltwater fishing, add a strip of cut bait to your jig head. Adding scent to this bait really seems to get the fish to commit as they hone in on the vibration.

Available in 42 colors:

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