Rig the eels with Jig Heads that fit flush against the head.

7EEL — 7″ EEL — 1oz to 4oz Jighead

12EEL – 12″ EEL – 2oz to 7 oz Jighead

Many of us have never seen an eel, but there are both freshwater eels and saltwater eels. Often referred to as slimy snakes, these can be the main forage at times throughout the year. The AA Eels were designed to fish either from a boat or shore and to be dragged or trolled. Because of the long and skinny profile these baits have, there are numerous ways to rig them. The more traditional method is to take a lead head and thread the bait on that way. If you’re experiencing short bites, adding a stinger hook to the back half of the bait will often

Remember one thing about fishing. Fish don’t open up magazines or read the latest blogs to find out what they are supposed to eat. Fish will eat what ever they see as an easy meal. The fish in your waters may not know that these are EELS but they may just look at them as a large source of Protein. Adventure out there and try something different. You’ll be happy you did.

Effective Techniques:

Drifting, Trolling, Shore casting into breakers, or Yo-Yoing Eels are the most popular method for catching fish on the EEL.

Targeted Species:

Stripers, Fluke, Rockfish, Largemouth

Available colors:

Size Comparisson: