baby pus

This bait is a real “Wall Banger.” Designed to fish break walls, jetties, bluffs or rock piles, the Baby ’Pus has four tantalizing tentacles. When rigged with a football or round jig head, the tentacles shiver while the baits fall, producing a subtle vibration fish cannot resist. These baits excel when large quantities of crustaceans are present.

Tips for Baby ’Pus fishing and rigging:

1. Slow down. Pick up a sandwich or a beverage and fish slower. You’ll be surprised how many fish pick up the Baby ’Pus while you’re doing nothing to the bait.

2. Use the Baby ’Pus as a trailer on a skirted jig in black or green pumpkin colors. These natural colors produce a nice silhouette, and coupled with the Baby ’Pus’ larger profile makes an easy target for a lunker.

3. We recommend a 1/4oz to 1/2oz jighead for the 2″ baby pus, a 3/8oz to 3/4oz for the 3″, and a 1/2oz to 2oz for the 5″.

4. The smaller  2″ and 3″ Baby pus are a killer when rigged on an Optimum Baits Diamond Jig head.

5.  The 5″ Baby pus is deadly when rigged for punching thick vegetation. Pictured below are the essential tools for rigging your bait.



The 5″ Baby Pus rigged and ready for punching

The Optimum diamond head’s screw lock allows the bait to be fished weedless.

Traditional rigging on the diamond head.



Available Colors