For best results, use with an offset hook or a darter head.

4SLG — 4″ Slug: 1/0 – 2/0 offset hook. ¼ oz – ¾ oz darter head.

6SLG — 6″ Slug: 3/0 – 5/0 offset hook. 3/8oz – 1.5oz darter head.

10SLG —10″ Slug: 9/0 – 11/0 offset Wide Gap hook. 1oz – 3oz darter head

For some of the most exciting fishing out there, fresh or salt water, tie on an AA Slug. For the most part, these baits are designed to fish when the fish become more active. When fish are out on the move, either chasing bait or in transition, the slugs will work. To fish the upper part of the water column, rig the slug on an offset wide gap hook. Because there is little weight added it will want to stay near the surface and will flutter left and right when twitched mimicking a wounded or fleeing baitfish. The slugs are most effective when fish are suspended or are feeding upwards. To get the slug down deeper in the water column, try fishing the bait on a darter head. This will add front weight, which causes the bait to spiral on the fall. When twitched it will dart back n forth quickly enticing a reaction strike.

Tips & Techniques

1.There is no better soft bait for fishing in lots of structure. Whether its kelp, eelgrass, rock, hydrilla or pads, the slug rigged weedless with an offset hook can be the best bet to coax lunkers out of structure.

2.When the fish are real active, try popping this bait quickly to on the surface to create an exciting top water bite.

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